I am excited to present to you a luscious 100% Pima Cotton yarn hand-dyed by Laverne Benton of BzyPeach, LLC.


Colorway: Meyer Lemon (Yellow)



Weight: 100g  


Crochet 4" x 4" gauge: Single Crochet; Size E/4 3.5  mm hook; 22 stitches per row; 26 rows


“Meyer lemon is a crossbreed between citron and mandarin orange; it has a smooth golden edible skin, no tartness like common lemons, and a good amount of juice.”


Admin. (2020, May 13). 20 Different Types of Lemon Varieties! Retrieved June 10, 2020, from https://balconygardenweb.com/different-types-of-lemons-with-pictures-best-varieties/

Meyer Lemon (Cotton or Tencel)

Yarn Weight
  • Items made with this yarn should be handwashed in cold water. Lay flat to dry. 


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