FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Peachy Yarn Club

If I like a month's colorway, can I get more of it?

Yes, absolutely! there is a Peachy Yarn Club Members Only Shopping page: https://www.bzypeach.com/pyc-members-shop You have to be logged in to shop here. It contains all of the regular Market products and sales as well as the Yarn of the month club offerings.

I would prefer to purchase the whole year of the Peachy Yarn Club up front, may I do that?

Yes, select the 12 month option HERE. Yarns will be sent monthly but the plan only renews automatically each year.

Will you include wool as one of the bases for the club yarns?

No, I will only send plant based yarns such as cotton or tencel. Bamboo, Linen or other plant based yarns may be added in the future.

How do I find the Peachy Yarn Club Members Only Shopping Page?

Login to your BzyPeach.com account and the Members Only Shopping page will be a drop down option from The Market menu option or click this link and sign in when prompted: https://www.bzypeach.com/pyc-members-shop

General Questions

Can I buy wool yarn from you?

Unfortunately no. I am focusing on plant based yarns such as Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo or Linen. There are so many wonderful indie wool dyers that i hope you will support if wool is your preferred fiber.

I see a product set, but I only want part of it. Can it be broken up?

Sets will be sold as they are listed. If individual items that are part of the set are available, they will have their own seperate product listing.

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