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Enjoy this handy combined yarn catalog and project journal. Upon completion, your yarn stash will be a well curated collection. The project section lets you jot down thoughts and plans for the perfect creations. In an easy to carry size, this 5 x 8 inch journal can travel with you anywhere!


The first section contains space to document the following for each skein or ball of yarn: Yarn Name; Yarn Brand; Yarn Weight; Fiber Content; Yarn Color/#; Lot #; Weights; Lengths; Cost per weight or length; Hook and Needle Sizes; Gauge and several other handy descriptive fields. (20 pages)


The second section provides space to plan: Project Name; Source/Inspiration; Theme; Yarn Details Hook and Needle Sizes; Free Planning Space and several other fields. It also includes optional wholesale and retail price planning fields. (20 pages)


Total pages: 40

A Gentleman never tells the size of his yarn stash! Yarn/Project Journal

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